Economics in One Lesson

This is my first real post to my new wordpress blog. I thought I would give this site a try since it seems to be all the rave amongst my twitter friends.  So to start off, I thought I would post a link to one  of the books that I think it would be of benefit for most everyone to read.  The best part is this file is a free download in PDF format so you can download it and put it on a portable reading device.  I even have it saved in GoodReader on my iPhone.  Henry Hazlitt’s ‘Economics in One Lesson’.  Hope you enjoy this wonderful treatise on economics.  It is very understandable language even for those with no real love of Economics.


2 Responses to “Economics in One Lesson”

  1. ab initio ad infinitum Says:

    Hey buddy, your link to ‘Economics in One Lesson’ isn’t working? You might want to post the link,(unshortened) so we can copy and past although it should have worked from what little I know about WP. Let me know when you get the link @abinitioadinfin on twitter, thanks. Chad

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