The Middle East, What Are We Witnessing???

This blog post was actually a comment reply I made to a friend on Facebook in NC where I used to live. So as you read through understand it was written in that context. 🙂

I don’t think this is Armageddon, I do however think this is a direct result of the internet. Never before in history have ordinary everyday people had the ability to do the two things the internet allows.

First they are EASILY able to circumvent the “State” controlled media and find alternative sources of information and news. Many of which focus on the corruption within the “State” rulers and expose their lies & deceit. The second thing is that the internet allows the ordinary person to have influence and effect, outside of the range of a few miles.

Previously in history this conversation would not be taking place and when I moved from NC to GA, I would have no longer had any means to try to influence anything in NC save for writing letters. This is why in colonial days you see that the leaders of influence at the time wrote LOTS and LOTS of letters, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, all spent lots of times writing letters to one another and other acquaintances. These letters got shown around among their social circles much the way we display posts on FB. Difference is that today delivery and distribution is instantaneous.

The issues we are seeing now come to fruition is a combination of a conflicts within the human spirit. Some mens desire to rule over and control other men and the desire within the human spirit for liberty. “Inclined to Liberty: The Futile Attempt to Supress the Human Spirit” does a wonderful job of describing this Another text, “Speaking of Liberty” contributes just as much value on the topic

See the amazing power of enriching mans MIND. I just gave you two amazing books as well as anyone else on your friends list that bothers to read these posts. And it is quite likely that the books are actually being housed on a server in California, Alabama, or Atlanta but you can have them in a few seconds with the click of a button.

As we see those in power centers continue to struggle against one another, they now also must struggle against this desire of Mankind to be free that has been made more powerful by the internet than ever before! These are interesting times we are living through!


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